Individuall concrete material – creativ elements with surfaces in „basalt“

Single seat elements with wood pannels on top and various seatblocs, walls to sit on, with coating and fastening systems from stainless steel.

There are free radial stair installations, wich stand out because of the big single stairs, located around the seat elements. We used vaccum tchnology for moving the single segments. Because of that we could avoid remove anchors and move the elements gentle and well fitting.

spatial corved walls

High quality elements of this projekt are walls, wich are radial in height, form and ground plan, futhermore they change their combination steady. There are 5 walls with a leinght of 8m and 23m. The biggest elements got a weight up to 2500 kg. All edges got a sectoinal measurement of 25mm.

For the technical working the architect´s office put the digatal ground plan at our disposal.

Jena Musikschule Jena Musikschule Jena Musikschule Jena Musikschule
Jena Musikschule