Measure to make a better arrangement for the living surroundings in the residantal area Gera-Lusan.

Along with the new arrangement of the adjoining traffic areas we attaches importance to the new- and rearrangement of the entrance situation.

Various stair installations with extensive (singlesize up to 8qm) entrance landing boards were used. There are shoescrap constructions in each of the plattforms. The elements got sand radiated surfaces in „granite“. The elements (singleweight up to 290kg) were moved with a vaccum lift technology, somtimes directly from the deliverycar. So we did´nt need remove anchors. In front of the house entrances various seat installations were put in. The seat elements got a sectional measurement of 50x40cm and sometimes they got pannels of wood on top. The wood pannels got the same curve size as the concrete, that means they got a radius of 25mm.

As a special request 10 seat elements got integrated lights. With a rabbet in the concrete it´s possible that the lightcover and the concrete are on the same height. Lights and concrete are screwed together with special safty screws.

Gera Reichstraße Gera Reichstraße Gera Reichstraße